Here at the Australian National Show and Shine Euroa, our event is all about displaying the very best variety of both cars and bikes, together with other things with wheels.

However, we are aware that we haven’t presented much information about our motor cycle displays so far this year, so here’s a start.

Back in 2020, before we were aware that Covid-19 would cause the cancellation of our show, it was planned to have Ducati as a major feature of the bike display. One highlight would be the 1970s 450 Ducati belonging to Julie Gould, as displayed in this picture. Ducati will now carry over as a feature in this year’s display.

Another feature invitation motor cycle and owner-rider will be Charlie Palmer, an expatriate Euroa man now residing in Sydney, with his 1937 Harley-Davidson “knucklehead”. The bike might be 85 years of age, but it still punches well above its weight in terms of performance. Together with the considerable talents of Charlie its rider, the knucklehead won the 2003 Australian Historic Championships, and recently added another win by taking out the legendary Sellick’s Beach race for historic motor cycles in South Australia.

This year, the trophy list for the Motor Cycle categories has been expanded to twenty-four trophies over fourteen classes. This will include three new categories – race bikes, adventure bikes and military bikes. And, of course our “best 1920s” bike celebrating out 1920s theme for this year, and the top award of the “Best Australian National Show and Shine Motor Cycle” for 2022. The race bikes can be anything from current to historic.

Euroa Show and Shine motor cycle manager, Chris Mann, said that the inclusion of the additional categories will add “something different” to this year’s display on Kirkland Ave.

Chris is currently writing an article about the history of military motor cycles, dating back over 100 years to WW1, which will prove very interesting. We will present that story together with pictures over the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, we have included another historic picture of a young Queen Elizabeth undertaking military training on a 1941 250cc BSA C10.

.. Ray Read

Pictures: Julie Gould’s Ducati. Picture by AutoMotive Photography) and Queen Elizabeth on the BSA (Photographer unknown.)