A Period Costume fashion parade and competition is just one of several innovative attractions likely to be introduced at the Australian National Show and Shine Euroa this year.

One Show & Shine committee member suggested the idea following her observations of some of our competitors from last year’s event. For example, ladies displaying 1950s American Sedans may wear 1950s rock ‘n roll gear, whilst guys with a 1920s A Model Ford were likely to turn up in a straw-boater hat and striped jacket.

Last year, one lady even dressed up her dog!

The committee immediately approved a suitable trophy to be awarded at the 2018 show, and the member who suggested the competition now has the task of working out the details and finding a suitable judge. “Just Cuts” in Shepparton has offered prizes for the winners.

On the vintage car front, one of our major attractions will be the appearance of a 1923 Aston Martin sports racer. This is an incredible car, and we will feature it in more detail in one of our future stories.

The kids, (and some big kids) will be getting in line for a chance to “drive” a new attraction – a particularly realistic race car simulator. We’re told that it is very close to driving the real thing.

.. Ray Read