One of the premium attractions for families who visit the Australian National Show and Shine Euroa will be free rides for the kids on the famous Euroa Mini Railway.

An extension has recently added to the existing railway track and located on that extension is a new portable Railway Station called “TWOMEY’S BRIDGE”, which is located just over that bridge where it crosses Seven Creeks, giving easy access to people in the park.

Young passengers can board the train at the Twomey’s Bridge Station and while the kids are enjoying the mini-train ride, their parents can wander through the picturesque park area, following the tracks about 100 metres to the “Main” station where the passengers will disembark following their trip.

Located at the Main Station area, the Mini Railway Committee will be preparing Hamburgers and a Sausage Sizzle which will be available together with drinks at very reasonable prices.

Located in the Seven Creeks Park, the Euroa Mini-railway is one of only about 100 around Australia. With recent new extension it has about 1,200 metres of track through the picturesque Euroa parklands.

The new portable station was provided by a donation from the Australian National Show and Shine Euroa Committee

The Mini Railway is a major attraction for the town and normally runs on the fourth Sunday of each month. During the Euroa Show and Shine however, it will be a great feature for those attending the show and will run virtually non-stop, providing free rides for kids.

.. Ray Read


  • The Main Station, where passengers will disembark.

  • The Mini-train wanders over 1.2 Km of picturesque parkland

  • Euroa Show and Shine’s Anthony Clota chats with Station Master Tim Miller at the Mini-railway’s food and drink stall.

  • More of the Euroa Mini Railway’s Mini Trains prepare to leave the station.