Australia’s fastest Police car

Courtesy of Victoria Police, the Australian National Show and Shine Euroa will have on show Australia’s fastest cop car — a $160,000 Mercedes E43 AMG.

Police in Victoria have taken delivery of Australia’s most hi-tech police car. It’s a first for Victoria but other states will get a chance to sample the semi-autonomous vehicle over the coming months. It is not just for show – the Mercedes will be on active duty on local roads for about three weeks surrounding its 1st October appearance in Euroa.

The E43 is capable of steering itself and automatically braking in an emergency. Its ability to read the road, monitor driver fatigue and avoid collisions with cars and pedestrians will be the focus of police.

The mega-Mercedes, dubbed “the Guardian V2” will star in a line-up of vehicles on show from Victoria Police, including a number of historic police cars such as a Studebaker and HK Holden, all presented in their original colours and with all equipment.

Powered by a twin-turbocharged V6, the $160,000 Mercedes AMG E43 can reach the speed limit in just 4.6 seconds — about the same as a Porsche, and quicker than previous Holdens and Falcons used as police pursuit cars!

Unlike other expensive and exotic cars occasionally used by police for public awareness campaigns — including a Porsche 911 once used by NSW Police — the imposing Mercedes will be a fully functional highway patrol vehicle used for everyday police work by Victoria Police.

The Guardian V2 is pictured here with Road Policing Command Assistant Commissioner Doug Fryer.

It won’t cost the taxpayer one cent because it is on loan from Mercedes-Benz as part of a 12-month trial.