Vehicle Results 2016

Shannons Insurance Best In Show

Russell Pell
1961 Chevrolet Corvette
Directors Best In Show
Peter Lovett
1934 Nash Coupe
Mothers Polish Invitational Best In Show
Peter Fleming
​ 1916 Morris Cowley
Mothers Polish Invitational 2nd Best In Show
Marg Stribling Memorial Trophy
Nigel Tait
​Matich SR4
Tom Crocker
1981 Mercedes Roadster 380 SL
1st Best American
Roy Gill
1967 AC Cobra Replica
1st Best Austin
1958 Austin A954 Westminster
1st Best Bolwell
Ken Williams
1973 Bolwell Nagari
1st Best Chrysler
Andrew Burrows
1971 Valiant Charger RT
2nd Best American
2nd Best Austin
2nd Best Bolwell
2nd Best Chrysler
Graham Mose
1968 Chevrolet Camaro
Ian & Carol McKenzie
​1973 Dodge Charger
Don Jones
1955 Austin A30 Panel Van
Hans Bengtson
1970 Bolwell Nagari
1st Best Engine Bay
Shane Graham
​1973 VJ Charger
1st Best English
Gary Iwanovski
1936 Wolsely 14/56
1st Best European
David Caligari
1979 Volvo 282 GT
1st Best Ford
Bill Stocks
1958 Ford Mainline Ute
No Place Given
2nd Best English
2nd Best European
2nd Best Ford
Wendy Korsten
​1953 Morris Minor
Kelda Jones
1962 Karmann Ghia
Peter Pedersen
1960 Falcon XK
1st Best FPV Ford
No Name Given
​2011 Falcon FG GT
1st Best French
Alan & Marg Lethborg 
1909 Renault AX
1st Best Ford GT
John Hoskins
1972 Falcon XA GT
1st Best Holden
Barry Tibbits
1967 Holden HR S/ Wagon
2nd Best FPV Ford
2nd Best French
2nd Best Ford GT
2nd Best Holden
Michael Champion
2006 Falcon BF GT
Andrew Orum
1979 Peugeot 504
No Name Given
1967 Falcon XR GT
Nick Marinis
1977 Torana Hatch LX
1st Best Holden
1949 - 1964
Ian Stillman
​1953 Holden FJ
1st Best Holden
​Post 1965
No Name Given
Holden Commodore VP GTS
1st Best Hot Rod
Peter Lovett
​1934 Nash Coupe (351)
1st Best HSV
Dean Stolzenhan
2010 Holden HSV VE3 
No Place Given
No Place Given
2nd Best Hot Rod
2nd Best HSV
​1936 Ford Roadstar
Alf Demanune
1988 Holden Walkinshaw
1st Best Italian
1st Best Japanese
1st Best Modified
Con Minas
1975 Lamborghini Urraco
Kurt Davis
1974 Mazda RX3
Ron Latham
​1976 Holden HJ
1st Best Monaro
Dave Mills
1976 Holden Monaro HX GTS
No Place Given
2nd Best Japanese
2nd Best Modified
2nd Best Monaro
Greg Bremner
1972 Datsun 1600
Matthew Cavill
​1973 Holden HQ
Craig Flavel
1972 Holden Monaro HQ SS
1st Best Morrison
1st Best Muscle Car
1st Best Original
Wendy Korsten 
​1953 Morris Minor
Bill King
1965 Mustang
Justin Coxhead
1921 Vauxhall E Type 30/98
1st Best Special Interest Vehicle
Dave & Kathy Mills
​1955 Humber
2nd Best Morris
2nd Best Muscle Car
2nd Best Original
2nd Best Special Interest Vehicle
Tony Self
1961 Mini 850
Stuart Dearden
1975 Falcon XB GT
George Robins
​1952 Buick 8
Neville Kettles
Holden Commodore HDT
1st Best Presented Paintwork
1st Best Presented Racecar
1st Best Restored
1st Best Tractor
William Rogers
​HR Holden
Nigel Tait
1968 Matich SR4
Fred Williams
1961 Jaguar MK2
Ron Cotterill
1944 Ford Ferguson
2nd Best Presented Paintwork
No Name Given
1972 Falcon XA Coupe 
No Place Given
2nd Best Restored
No Place Given
Vince Dagostini
1966 Holden HR Premier 
1st Best Triumph
1st Best Truck
1st Best Ute
Dale Ross
​1977 Triumph Stag
Brian Buckley
​1989 Mack Tipper
Mick Berais
1977 Ford XC Cobra
1st Best Veteran Vehicle
Alan Lethborg
1909 Renault AX (Buttercup)
2nd Best Triumph
Allen Andrews
1960 Triumph Herald
2nd Best Veteran Vehicle
Peter Fleming
​1916 Morris Cowley
1st Best Vintage Vehicle
John Anderson
1924 Bentley Vandan Plas 3L
1st Best Wolsely
Doug Heiner
1948 Wolsely 18/85
1st Best 4WD
Dave & Kathy Mills
1955 Humber FV 1600A
Rare Spares Real Restoration Winner
Tony Reaper
1967 Falcon XR
2nd Best Vintage Vehicle
Justin Coxhead
1921 Vauxhall 30/98
2nd Best Wolsely
Geoffry Denning
1963 Wolsely 24/80 Mk1
2nd Best 4WD
Rare Spares Real Street Winner
Brenton Savage
1960 Holden FB EK
Paul Swan
1982 Holden WB 4WD Ute
1st Best Mustang
2nd Best Mustang
Russell Healy
​Mustang Mach 1
No Name Given
1967 Mustang Flashback GT
Best Club Display
HSV Owners Club

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